Mobile Mouse in ATV2

I can see the that this os possible with the 1st GEb Aple TV & Nito, but is the Mobile Mouse Server available in ATV2?



There are a few remote app options available for the black AppleTV.

So the answer is “no, when we moved to ATV Flash for the 2nd generation ATV Mobile Mouse support was removed”.
My pre-sales investigation into ATV Flash failed to spot this.

Am just trying to work out the best way to navigate the browser on ATV Flash - using the remote on is awful.

Appreciate it’s only £3 to buy Remote HD, but I already own Mobile Mouse and like it.

Unfortunately the developer of Mobile Air Mouse disconinuted support for AppleTV, so we’re not able to offer it on the ATV2.

If you’re looking for free option you may try the Remote app from Apple.

Gotcha - t’was Mobile Mouse themselves that pulled support. 

I’ll try the Apple Remote - I didn’t realise you could enter text and use as a trackpad on the ATV (which is what I want/need)