Mobile Air Mouse problems

Downloaded Mobile Air Mouse iPhone app, mouse works but no keyboard actions or browser controls. Anyone have the same issue?

Which browser are you using Mobile Air Mouse with?

The standard browser used by couchsurfer 2.0.

Your best option for using Couch Surfer will be the ‘Remote’ app from Apple. This will provides a mouse/keyboard and allows you to control the AppleTV menus as well.

I’ve been trying to get my mobile air mouse to work. It only recognizes the ATV when I click on the air mouse server app. I can’t go anywhere but there. What is going on? I’m trying to use it in firefox.

Please ensure Mobile Air Mouse is up to date through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu, then enable Mobile Air Mouse as described here:

Got it thanks for the help. I think I missed the last step of activating it. Works now.