Mobile Air Mouse - How can I install it?

I’d like to try Mobile Air Mouse on the 4.0 version. How do I install it?

I’d like to know this too as it’s my main way of navigating

It is installable through the Maintenance > Install Extras menu.

Once installed, it can be enabled in the Maintenance > Settings menu.

More info here:

I did that with the latest aTVFlash and here’s the result:

Maintenance > Install Extras says Mobile Air Mouse installed
Maintenance > Settings says Mobile Air Mouse not installed

How do I get these two menu items to agree so I can use Mobile Air Mouse?

Was Mobile Air Mouse removed from the Applications folder at some point?

You can download Mobile Air Mouse here ( and install it manually on the AppleTV as described here:

I’m having some problems with this as well… I can’t get the .dmg to download from the Maintenance plug-in. Let alone install.

I go to “Install Extras”, click the Mobile Air Mouse ‘link’ and immediately get “An error occurred.”

Did the link for the .dmg change?
File name change?

You can download the dmg from the web site directly, but I’m too much of a noobie to figure out how to get the ATV to install it.

We just received a notice that Mobile Air Mouse was updated to version 2.0 last night. This requires both the 2.0 application from the app store, as well as the 2.0 version of the helper application.

The link has been updated for the 2.0 version in aTV Flash, so the Mobile Air Mouse option in the Install Extras menu should now be working.

Yep… everything is good now.

Ran the nito smart installer again, & then the Mobile Mouse install worked with the new link.


Too quick on the last response; I still can not get it to enable.

After running the nito smart installer, I was able to download the updated link ( from Maintenance->Install Extras. However, now I can not enable the mouse in Maintenance->Settings?

I’ll forward this on so we can take a look. Sorry for the trouble.

Sorry, should be working now. Update Mobile Air Mouse through Maintenance --> Install Extras. Once updated, it can be enabled through the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

I can’t see “Air Mouse” in install extras. Are you guys still supporting it?

Unfortunately Mobile Air Mouse is no longer supported on OS X 10.4, which includes the AppleTV. Sorry.

What a shame. Thank you.

I should have mentioned that Remote HD is a good option for replacing Mobile Air Mouse.


Will “Remote HD” work with firefox through the nitoTV menu?   if not, what will?  I can’t get my original aTV remote, or the Mobile Apple remote to work.