Mobile Air Mouse - FireFox does ANYONE have this Working

I installed Mobile Air Mouse on the ATV. MAM recognized the Apple TV -- but I couldn't get a cursor to show up on the screen...!

Two Dialog boxes (from MAM) appeared - 1 asking for an email address, covering another dbox,  but I could find no way to dismiss it. (so they remained untouched 'Behind' Firefox)

Moving on I went ahead and started up Firefox (version 2.0!!!!), still no cursor appeared, I was only able to get page up page down buttons to work, a right click brought up contextual menu, and I somehow closed one tab. Was unable to hilite a text box or URL entry area to enter data...  I couldn't click a link,  

In short basically non-operational.

what am I missing? -

or is the Mobile Air Mouse / ATV combo just a lost cause?

SHOULD NOTE: MAM Works fine on my iMac - in all functions, and fine with Firefox.

 same.  any ideas?

I'm having exactly the same problem. I did a fresh install of everything including resetting my Apple TV to factory settings but the same problem persists.

I've opened a thread on the Mobile Air Mouse Forum too and have begun a dialogue with somebody who has a link into the developers so maybe watch this space?



There are two ways to enable the cursor.

1. Install Mouse Locator through nitotTV --> Settings --> Install Software menu.


2. Install Remote HD via Maintenance --> Install Extras