MLB Removal


How do I remove MLB? I’m really not interested in it at all!

If what I need to do is technical, can you please break it down into Jannet and John steps as I’m not technical at all.


This one is puzzling me too and would be interested to know if anyone else has done it in 4.4.2. Used to be able to do it by SSHing into ATV and editing the preferences file (Info.plist) in the Internet FRappliance but MLB and Vimeo aren’t in there anymore. 

You can reorder them though so that MLB, WSJ etc. are at bottom of the list but again you need to be familiar with SSH and this isn’t a straight forward thing to be doing as you need to edit the property list file for the Internet app.

If you do fancy tackling it, find out about SSH and get app like Filezilla or Cyberduck. Then navigate to /Applications/

Within that folder edit Info.plist and edit items under the FRApplianceCategoryDescriptors category. Each item in there should be self-explanatory (except dot-mac which is MobileMe). Delete those items if you want them gone, or change ‘preferred-order’ value to 1, 2, 3… etc.

MLB, WSJ and Vimeo don’t appear in there anymore so maybe they are downloaded remotely now?

I know you wanted more detail for technical steps but there is info on this forum around SSH so using above and other posts you should be able to achieve your desired result. Screenshot attached is of my re-ordered menu. Hope that helps.