MKVs noticeable jolty/stuttering

All MKVs I tried to play will stutter …

if I play the same MKV files with XBMC on the same ATV2 it will play smoothly and correct.




Can you send in a bug report?

I have the same problem. I updated to the new version of media player that you guys released today, and i corrected almost every known bug i had. But when i try to play big .MKV files like a concert in 1080p HD it comes with a warning that the file wont play well on the device and if i want to remuse playing. If i do so the image lags alot but the audio seems to be fine.

Like with Patrick.2137 the files are played just fine in XBMC or any other videoplayer on my imac



Hmm ok. A bug report, or a sample of the file should help us track down what’s going on.

hmm i stand corected. It seems it not only .mkv files but rather files in high resolution.   The file a had problems with before is an .avi

DJ Tiesto - Live @ The Bridge 2005 {1920x1088 HDTV}.avi
size: 5,638,874,120 bytes (5.64 GB on disk)

Its seems its only a problem with a few big size files in very high resolution.

I will try to make a ticket when i have tested some more

Ah ok. Currently AVIs aren’t eligible for HW decoding, so only SD resolutions will be supported for now. We’re hoping to resolve this in a future version, but don’t yet have an ETA.

Do you have the specs for your MKV files? (the full output from MediaInfo) would be most helpful.

Okay thanks for the info James. As i wrote i will make a ticket when i have been testing some more.

I have to tell you, the update you send out today made all my problems go away(untill i wanted to watch a concert :slight_smile:

I think the update/bug fix that made all the different for me was: Added support for folders containing dot (’.’) in their name

Before this the mediaplayer/atv crashed and restarted every time i browsed into a media library on my imac sharing all the movies.

Thanks for your awesome work

That’s great to hear. :)

Send in your specs when you get a chance and we’ll see what we can do.

I also opened a ticket because I’m using normal resolution, not full HD.