MKV with multiple audio tracks and subtitles

I have a MKV file with multiple audiotracks and with subtitles. How can I select which audiotracks need to be used and how do I enable and selected the subtile?



I do not believe you an at the moment - that is planned as a future update.

Ah, ok, thanks. Hope this will added soon then :wink:


Is there a list somewhere available of items that are missing but scheduled for the future?

I really hope this is added soon as well. So far it is the only I have found that I want to do on ATV with Firecore that I can’t do. Airvideo does it quite well. Would be nice to be able to use my ATV exclusively for media.

Multiple audio tracks and subtitles will be available in the next version (early August-ish).

Not currently, but we’ll have a list available soon.

Another vole for setting those options. I have a bunch of anime that I cannot watch because I cannot change the audio track or enable subtitles.