MKV transfer via itunes' file sharing taking forever

recently I’ve noticed that when I try to transfer a mkv movie to infuse using itunes it takes forever to do it (like 1 hour to send a 800MB file). This never happened to me before, like ever. I’ve been using itunes to transfer movies to your app for ages and I’ve never had this issue, so I guess it is related with the update of Infuse, iOS 10.3.1, itunes 12.6.0, os sierra 10.12.4.

Is someone else having the same issue? It’s very annoying and it’s driving me crazy.

P.D. I’ve also noticed the same behaviour with MP4 and AVI files.

The latest version of iTunes (coupled with iOS 10.3) is a little bit wonky with regard to file transfers, which is partially due to the switch to APFS in 10.3.

You may try the browser upload method to see if you have better results. Browser/Wi-Fi Upload – Firecore This is what we’re recommending until Apple gets the File Sharing issues sorted out.