MKV Streaming lag by 4k films

Sorry for my Englisch please, i translate it with Google …

Set up:
Apple TV 4 FHD connected via 5ghz (100-150mb / s connection) via WiFi

Movies are played with the infuse app (movies have so far always been without problems in full HD)

In the same room (bedroom) I can easily watch the films with the app from my iPhone X (same network). The Apple TV starts the film briefly with picture and sound, but from the first second you can see the film with about 10fps for maybe 3-5sec, then the picture stops and the sound tries for a few seconds until it stops.

I do not find the weak point! Where is the problem ?

1080p Films always runs, but now its my first movie that is not in 1080p

Yes of course I don’t have the 4k Apple TV, but I don’t have a 4K TV in the bedroom either. Can’t tell me that the FHD variant can not play 4K. Mainly because also films do not work that only have the converted 2k and no 4K.

I came across this forum with the help of google and have already implemented a lot of what I read. Disable or uninstall DLN in my QNAP, check.

Might check out this thread. In general WiFi shouldn’t be used for 4K. Too many unknown variables that can slow it down.

Welcome to the forum!

Just to confirm, it sounds like you are playing 4K videos on the Apple TV HD (not Apple TV 4K). Is that right?

Playback of 4K HEVC videos (most 4K content) will require an A9 processor (or later). Unfortunately, since the Apple TV HD only has an A8 processor, it is not powerful enough to handle these videos, even when playing them back at 1080p.

Infuse was my good reason to upgrade to Apple TV 4K.