MKV Playback issue from Synology NAS


I have added share to my Synology NAS.

MKV’s playback correctly on iPhone 5 however when using AirPlay to AppleTV2 the first frame of the video loads but then pauses and does not play.

Have tried playback of mp4 files which seem to run ok.

Majority of my TV library is in MKV format which is a big issue.

Hopefully this is an early bug that can be corrected.

I posted this in the other thread, but I’ll post it here just so others can more easily find it.

Is your Apple TV connected to an AV receiver or just a TV?

If connected to just a TV, you may try disabling the Dolby Digital over AirPlay option which can be found in the audio playback settings menu.

I have HDMI connected from Apple TV into TV and Optical Cable from TV into Surround System.

Maybe I should connect the optical cable from the Apple TV direct to the Surround System?

That may help. You could also try setting the Apple TV’s Dolby Digital setting to On instead of Auto.

Essentially what’s happening is that Infsue is trying to pass Dolby Digital to the Apple TV, but the Apple TV is reporting that your TV doesn’t support it.

Ill try this when my Apple TV 3 arrives tomorrow! :slight_smile: