mkv playback is jerky


I have problems with the playback of .mkv files.

Every 10-15 seconds there is a small stuttering.

In XBMC everything is fine.

The ATV 2 is connected via cable.

I can report the same problem. This happens on very ‘small’ mkv. files. For example, I have a 720*480 mkv file, and it stutters every few seconds. I do not have the same problem with XBMC on the same setup. Similar AVI files play fine.

Avi Playback is fine, only mkv´s are stuttering every 10-15 seconds.

It is really annoying.


Same here.  It skips even on small .mkv files, but isn’t that noticeable.  However i have some large, 12/13/14GB mkv files and it skips and jerks about a lot.  It happens when playing through Plex, or the firecore media player.

The same, here. Just mkv files have the problem.



Same here.

same here but in my case its a 1920x1080 H.264 video with up to 40 mbps as mkv and the stuttering is every 2 or 3 seconds! Any other mkv files stutters every 10-15 seconds.

Same here. Every 10-15 it is stuttering on .mkv files. I am connected via cable.

I hope they will fix this problempromptly.