MKV playback in MediaPlayer, how to exit

I’m playing an MKV file in MediaPlayer, I tried to exit playback by holding all the buttons on the remote, but nothing works. holding the select button pops up the options for chapters and subtitles and so on, but an exit option is not to be found.

Also the menu button just resets the playback to 00:00 (which is very! annoying btw), holding it for several seconds just doesn’t do anything.


I now have to go in SSH and restart lowtide, or reboot smthng like that…


Am I just being stupid here?


I’ve had this with several MKV files.



Pressing menu once (not holding) should exit the movie and return you to the menu.

If you’re seeing something different please send in a bug report.

Right, coming back to this, I have a DVD without a menu, pressing (not holding) skips back to the beginning of the movie.

Any idea how to quit playback?

Would you mind sending in a bug report and telling us a little bit more about our files.