MKV Not Playing on Some Apple TV's

Hi all,

Firstly, want to say how much I am enjoying Infuse for my Apple TV’s - it’s so much better than plugging my hard drive directly into the TV!

Anyway, I have a setup with NAS drives at home and 3 4th Gen Apple TV’s (all running latest iOS and Infuse on latest version). Unfortunately I seem to have playback issues with one of Apple TV’s on certain .MKV files…not all weirdly. I have tested the same files on the other 2 Apple TVs and there haven’t been any playback issues. Any suggestions?

For note, I have reset the problem Apple TV to factory default, uninstalled and re installed Infuse, deleted and rebuilt the libraries and re-named the files in an attempt to get them to play, but no joy. They still all play on the other 2 TVs and on any Macs I connect to the relevant folders.

As a side note, other file types play okay, but they also freeze after a certain time (40 mins or so) and the spinning wheel comes up. If I go back to menu and re-play all works fine.

The problem files all start playback normally and after 4 or 5 seconds each they lock up and won’t play.


You might try updating to 5.5 which was just released today (if you haven’t already).

If the issue persists, please send is a report from your device so we can look into this further.