MKV multiple subtitels only showing 1


Yesterday I reinstalled my ATV with the latest Jailbreak and then aTV Flash on a Apple TV 2. Updated all the software.
I downloaded the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo (millenium) (TPB all 3 movies in 1 download, sorry I can’t link. TPB is blocked on my work)

But the movie was a MKV with Eng subtitels and Dutch subtitels. The first subtitel was Eng. But I couldn’t change it to Dutch. In the menu there was only None and Engl.
But on my PC it showed also the dutch subtitels.

Can you please fixed this?

Would you mind running this file through MediaInfo?

Sorry James, but I made a mistake.

At the torrent it says Dutch + Eng subtitels.
I checked it with a movie and yes both were in. But not at the first movie. There was only English…

Ok great. :)