mkv library

Hi everybody, first time posting here so, please, be patient with me!

I’m really interested on buying an Apple TV, an external USB hard drive and obviously an ATV Flash!

but…I’d like to know something before I go on, hence if it’s possible to:

  1. put a huge library of mkv movie files (converted from DVD, see VOB structure files) onto the external HD and see them via applications, I believe I have to use XMBC, NitoTV or Sapphire; note: the mkv’s library is NOT into iTunes library!
  2. I use DVDPedia application to maintain my library and I know does exist a plugin for AppleTV/FrontRow to see them, should this works also with external HD ? Does anyone use this method ? I really don’t want to download and set up again my covers, movies data, ecc.

Thanks a lot and best regards, Roberto.

What resolution are your MKV files? Do they contain H.264 video?

Unfortunately DVDpedia cannot currently be used on the AppleTV.

Hi, the MKV files are converted using the preset “Apple TV” with the program Handbrake, more information about the mkv file created by Handbrake (with a DVD-R as a source) are:
[]Resolution: 1033 x 432[/:m]
[]Codec: H.264, AAC, Text[/:m]
[]Lenght: 01:51:50[/:m]
[]Audio Channel: 2[/:m]
[]Bitrate: 2.627[/:m][/list:u]

However in the settings of the preset “Apple TV” I can see:
[]Picture Size: 720x432, Output: 720x432, Anamorphic: 1033x432 Loose[/:m][/list:u]

Thanks, regards, Roberto.

Yes, those MKV files should play just fine.