MKV Files

I have not been successful with this format. It crashes aTV and the AppleTV. Anyone had luck with this format or have suggestions for showing this files?

 A good tool is PERIAN voor Mac OS

This converts the video perfectly for ATV. 

Unfortunately it's not availlible for Win/Linux


 Just use Handbrake on OS X to convert your MKV files, it's free, has profiles for popular devices, and is the fastest conversion you can get.

The Apple TV has issues with MKV files. The MKV codecs are installed, but due to the high resource demands high profile MKV files have, the Apple TV hardware just does not have enough horsepower.

MKV’s up to 480p will play fine, anything higher will most likely not work.


I changes MKV files to MPG4 uising Quicktime.

Open the mkv file in Quicktime. Under windows choose the show movie properties. You can delete other languages and captions. If the files are only video and audio, you will need to add an annotation in order to export. Close the Movie Properties Window and go to export under the file menu. Select movie to to mp4. Now choose options. Under video choose pass though and leave audio on ACC conversion. Thats it! Export to mp4. The mkv wrapper is gone and the mp4 will play without problems.


Hi there,

Does this covert to mp4 method looses the 720p HD quality ?

How long does it take to convert a normal 720p mkv file (+/- 4,5 GB) ?


It doesn’t take long at all. But I was wrong about playing without problems. I have encountered some files crash or reboot the TV.

And what i must do, if i convert in MP4, that i can get the Soundfile AC3 or DTS?