MKV files buffering


Since updates infuse 5 has been buffering within 10 seconds on my mkv files. Infuse 4 is playing them fine.

Any ideas when the fix will be sorted?

You don’t say what connection method you use, but I am assuming SMB … if so have you tried the various new SMB settings where you set up the connection in Infuse to see if one works for you (including ‘legacy’ which is the old SMB implementation)?

Sorry, yes I am using SMB.

I have tried putting it into legacy has helped the buffering test. Thank you.

What is the difference between all of the options?

Firecore recently did a major re-write of how they handle SMB shares to take advantage of the newer protocols and when they released it helped many but some users had issues with their specific combination of server and software so Firecore released a newer version that in addition to the new re-write they also allowed the option to use the “Legacy” version of SMB from earlier versions. That way everyone has the options to find what works best for them.

For the differences in SMB look here for the details. Server Message Block - Wikipedia

Is it possible there were changes related to playing MKV files in general? I’ve been having a difficult time streaming anything recently. I use Google Drive as the source of media. Similar to OP, I’ll get a stream that lasts anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes, but then it just freezes/buffers constantly.