MKV file questions

Has anybody had trouble with MKV movie files stuttering?

I generally use video_TS folders but every once in awhile I have to convert folders to MKV files. The issue I have is the MKV files stutter. Anybody else have this issue or recommend a better format when I need to convert a file.

Mkv files work perfectly well for movies, tv shows etc - prettty much all my files are mkv format.

Mkv is really ‘just’ a container for the video, audio, subtile files and others…

If your mkv’s are stuttering it will be due to your encoding method/settings or encoder… Handbrake has presets, but it’ll be worth searching for the most optimum settings for your movies - perhaps the fps settings are wrong and causing your stuttering.

All my files are in MKV format and they play fine.

Using *.mkv files since years and I haven’t any issues with it.