Mkv file goes to zero bytes

after update to maOS High Sierra 10.13, problems with movie files during playback on Apple tv 4.
Once a day, a movie file stop playing. Error.
cca 1 file a day. Others are OK.
When i inspect what is wrong on my iMac (Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB), that mkv file went to zero bytes.
I got infuse PRO 5.5.4.and after todays update to 5.5.5. its still the same.

Share SMB imac and
portable WD disk connected to imac not smb … on both same problem.
during playback - just stops, and file goes to zero and not playable anymore.

Any idea?

If the file goes to zero k in the High Sierra finder then I’d guess the issue is with the Mac OS and not infuse. High Sierra is still so new that I’d not be surprised by any bugs in the new file system.

The only possible link I could think of is do you have file management set on Infuse where you can delete files from Infuse? If so, turn it off and try it for a while and see if that helps. If you don’t have it set then look to Apple for answers.

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Nope. Not working. File management set to Off, and still another file goes to zero bytes during playback.
grrrr. angry. :frowning:

Is the file unusable after it goes to zero by other applications such as VLC?

When was the last time you restarted the computer?

No. cant play file with vlc. imac restarrted everyday…

I had one file a few weeks ago that exhibited the same thing, Infuse upchucked when playing and when looking at that file in the Mac OS finder it too showed zero k size. However after a restart the file again showed the correct size.

Probably the best thing to do is to send in a report from Infuse when it does this again and hopefully James and crew can figure out what it is in Infuse that is eating your files. Make sure to follow up as outlined in the trouble shooting thread guide at Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

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Thank you. will do.

Restarted imac again, file goes to zero, vlc on iMac strats playing the file and goes from 0 to 1,5GB ???

You obviously have forgotten to sacrifice a chicken on top of your iMac to appease the powers. :wink:

I almost wonder if there’s some low level of corruption in the files causing problems that isn’t totally disabling but enough to cause things to go south. I did, replace the one that I had that occurrence with and all has been well. I was running an older Mac OS (Yosemite) but it still could be a Mac thing.

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happened again.
file goes to zero bytes during viewing and now cant start it again on my imac.
"You do not have permission to open the document "
i submited diagnostic via app and qe code

few days latter…the problem is the same. every day one or two files goto zero and i cant play them on my imac… so annoying

same here. it’s annoying. any solutions anyone? i like infuse so no plan to move to another app.

Hate to sound like a broken record but have you sent in a log report from the ATV immediately after this occurs?

That a good first step and helps James when trying to remotely troubleshoot issues.

thanks. just done it now. really need a resolution to this.

Great, I know how it is having problems and trying to figure them out but don’t forget that today is Sunday and it may take a while when firecore gets back in tomorrow to cycle through the emails and forums.

Just out of curiosity, what Mac OS are you running? Does the file show zero bytes in the finder and still show zero after you restart your Mac?

i did. immediately when it happened. 3 or 4 emails…

i tried watching via my Library…same.
i tried the other option than SMB…the same.
it happens even when im watching file from my new usb WD drive connected to imac.

i realy dont want to fresh reinstal macOS on my imac.

ok. i will try this next time it happens.

for now, im having time machine saving video folder and i just restore…

I don’t think you need to reinstall your Mac OS, just trying to figure out what’s causing the change on the Mac finder.

Just to clarify, are you saying that playing a video file with Infuse causes that file to error out and when you go to the Mac OS finder it shows zero K as the size? Is it always the same file or group of files with others playing without incident? Do the files that show zero in the Mac finder still show zero in the finder after you do a shutdown and restart (not just a restart) of the Mac?

If it show the correct size after the restart, can you then play it with Mac OS app VLC on the Mac? (Not using vlc on the Apple TV)

YES. “playing a video file with Infuse causes that file to error out (it stops playing on my TV) and when i go to the Mac OS finder it shows zero K as the size.”
every time its different file. im watchg TV series. 2 or 3 ep. with no problems, and than bum. one just stops. If it would happened EVERY time…but few hours is ok, than error.
I shut down mac and started again…zero. Restarted…still zerro. and i can not play it with vlc.
"You do not have permission to open the document "
when i go to get info and change to read and write…still the same. can not open the file with vlc.
and not playable with infuse. (an error occurred…)

imac macOS high sierra, 10.13
infuse is the lates pro 5.5.5

Exactly same behavior here. Latest Mac OS and largest infuse 5