Mkv controls


I have a 2hr 40min home video .mkv file which I play via InFuse on my AppleTV. File is located on Google Drive. Problem is I don’t see any fast forward or rewind controls to navigate this video in Infuse. I have play/pause which works fine, but nothing else. Are controls available? I want to fast foraward to certain timeframes but don’t have the ability, which makes it almost unusable. On google drive which is where there file is stored, there a ff/rewind controls in their native player, which makes it easy to navigate. Please help.

When a video is playing if you click the touch pad then it brings up a timeline and you can then use left/right to move about the timeline; Then click the touchpad to resume play.

At the moment infuse doesn’t display the Video at the new position until play has been resumed … this is on the list of future features on the 1st article in the suggestions sub-forum.

I’m using the Apple TV Remote app as my remote control. Is that an issue? M When I tap the touchpad area on the Apple TV Remote app my video pauses, but I don’t see any timeline appear, nor do I have the ability to slide left or right to move forward or back. A second tap and the video continues playing. Thoughts?

Any ideas?

Edited, just realized you mean you’re using the ios App to control it. I’ll check.

Using the Remote App when watching a program and you tap the pause / play icon on the lower left it pauses the program and give a progress bar at the bottom of the TV screen with the time. You can either swipe left or right to go to a different time or you can use the 10 second circles on the app that are on either side of the menu button.

Works like a champ for me.

Correct, thanks

Answered at the same time you were replying. See post above.

Do you have the ability to try with an mkv file? I’m using a 2hr40min mkv file and it just blows up. No timeline with ability to move back or forward.

Yup, tried a 4+ hour MKV and no issues.

If you use the actual remote that came with the ATV does it do the same?

Okay. And you tested with the Apple TV Remote iOS app via iPhone? Not physical Apple TV remote.

Yes, it worked fine with the app as well as the remote that comes with ATV.

Again, does the actual remote work?

I haven’t tested the physical remote yet, but it does not work on my Apple TV 4 or 4K. On the Apple TV, the controls ‘never appear’ on the screen. Using ff/rw controls on the Apple TV remote app brings you back to the beginning of the video (like pressing a control crashes and restarts the video). I also tried it via InFuse on my iPhone and although the controls appear, same behavior, touch any control and the video restarts from the beginning. The only way ff/rw controls work on this long mkv is via Google Drive app on my iPhone. From that app, i am able to use their player’s controls to move throughout the long video easily. It feels like something is wrong with your controls via Apple TV remote app and InFuse iOS. On a brighter note, I am able to use your ff/rw controls in both the Apple TV remote app and InFuse iOS with much smaller videos without issue. Thoughts?

Well if it plays ok on smaller files using the remote app and Infuse then I’m thinking the problem is with google drive.

If you have that file on a local server I’d say try connecting to it there and see if it has the same issues. In other words, put that same video on your computer or NAS and connect via SMB one one of the other ways, just not DLNA/ UPNP.

There may be issues with google drive and files of a certain size. What is the physical size in MB or GB of that file?

25GB file size. Keep in mind, it plays fine with ff/rw controls working via Google Drive iOS app on my iPhone.