MKV Blu-ray rip playback issues


i tried ripping a few Blu-ray discs with MakeMKV and store them on my Synology NAS for local playback at home.
Sadly, playback of these titles is very problematic and therefore unusable for me at the moment.

Examples (all german Blu-ray rips):

Title: Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Issue: Every few seconds the video hangs for a few frames. Sometimes decoding breaks down temporarily after the short hang with white macro blocks showing fullscreen for 1-2 frames and then playback continues normally.

Title: Cars
Issue: Every few minutes the video hangs for 5 seconds, audio continues to play normally. After that video playback resumes normally.

Title: Children of Men
Issue: After a few seconds video stops playing completely while audio continues to play.

I stopped ripping further discs at the moment until the above problems are resolved/explained.
The exact same problem happens for me also on Apple TV 4 beta since the iOS and tvOS versions seem to share the same playback engine.

SMB File Share: Synology 2-bay NAS DS213j
Network: Tried Wireless 2,4 Ghz, 5 Ghz and wired connection with exactly the same results.

Versions (all current):
Synology DSM 5.2
MakeMKV 1.9.7
Infuse Pro 3.6.2
iOS 9.1
tvOS 9.0.1

Thanks for the info.

We’re also seeing this here with a few larger Blu-ray rips (many others play just fine) and are looking into what may be going on.

Stay tuned.

Hi James, thanks for the fast reply. Good to hear that you can reproduce the problem.

I already have a support request for this issue (#72722). If you need further help from me, you can reply there or in this thread.

Also, if you think you have a fix you could do a quick release on the Apple TV beta and i could test it there.

Best regards,

Sounds good!

Be in touch soon.

Good to hear. I’ve been having some similar issues. With Frozen and Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright version).

Here I see sporadic video pauses for up to 3-4 seconds while the audio continues.