mkv audio problems



I am having weird problems playing certain MKV files in Media Player – the video is fine, but the audio is slowed down and is way out of sync (it’s so slow that it’s behind the video, and and sounds like a slowed-down LP).

The same file converted in Handbrake with the ATV2 preset to M4V sounds and plays fine.

I am connecting my ATV2 directly to a TV with HDMI, carrying both audio and video. There is no amp or other processor. As far as I can tell, the audio in the MKV file AC3 (the media inspector in VLC shows is as A52). Also, VLC plays the MKV file just fine. 

Any idea what’s up? I have tried to fiddle with the AC3 settings, but it doesn’t make any difference.

Thanks in advance!



Can you send in a bug report?


Thanks. I will try to do this later today.


Incidentally, I tried other mkv files which I created myself, and those seem to be okay as far as the audio goes. However, I did notice some odd video artifacts (stair stepping, moire). I am not sure whether these artifacts come from the file conversion, the tv, or something in the player.



I am having this exact same problem.

I have logged a support request.

is there a bug report already?

I’m having that strange problems, too. I got 24 episodes of a TV-show - all 720p .mkv with two AC3 audio tracks (Englisch 5.1 + German 2.0). The first 13 episodes played both tracks, although the German track is flagged as default/forced track and the media player always plays the English track, but I can change it by using media players audio/subs menu.

From episode 14 on I can still change the audio track to German (AC3 2.0, 48 kHz, 384 bps - like all other files), but all I get is just silence. Englisch tracks (AC3 5.1, 48 kHz) plays fine for every episode.

I’ve absolutely no idea what the problem could be. Any hints?