Mkv 3D blackscreen since Update 5.5.2

Hey James and members, i have a few mkv 3D bluray rips (Mpeg4-MVC-3D) and since the update to 5.5.2 they dont play anymore. I know that there is no 3D support on Apple TV 4 but they played fine in 2D. Now i only geht blackscreen. If i want to watch it in 3D, i have a Popcorn Hour Media Player for it but i like to have all movies under one interface playable. I paid for an app that worked fine and since the last updates its unuseless for me.

Is there any help?

You may want to update to 5.5.3 and see if that may not be an issue anymore. Also wondering if it may be related to tvOS 11.

Its all the same:

tvOS 10 - Infuse 5 Pro 5.5.1 = worked fine in 2D
tvOS 10 - Infuse 5 Pro 5.5.2 = dont work
tvOS 11 Beta - Infuse 5 Pro 5.5.2 = dont work
tvOS 11 - Infuse 5 Pro 5.5.2 = dont work
tvOS 11 - Infuse 5 Pro 5.5.3 = dont work

Apple TV 4K = ? (200€ for a test)

Is there a chance to downgrade to 5.5.1?

I think the big change was with native HEVC encoding.

Have you submitted diagnostics yet after you play the file? I would suggest doing that, then there’s a 4 digit (at least I think it’s 4 digit…) code that’ll show on your screen you can put here so they’d know what they’re looking for.

Side note - I just tried playing one of mine (full 3D MVC rip with MakeMKV) and it works on my iPhone and my iPad (both on iOS 11) but I’ll test on my Apple TV a little later.

No i havent. Do you think they will look at it and fix this problem only for me? Thers no one in this forum with the same problem…

I have tested the files with my iPhone 6 and iPad Pro with iOS 11 and they work. A little more buffering than before but they are playing.

Don’t think in any way that every user of Infuse is also a member of this forum. There very well could be many others experiencing the same issues as you but not here in the forum. The problem reporting in the app serves just that purpose so by all means send in a report and follow up with an email to the stated email address. There may be a very simple solution to your issue but without you reporting it and not supplying the software generated report it may stay a needle in a haystack.

I just tested it out on my Apple TV, and it didn’t play well at all. I did get the video on the screen and not a black screen for one, but it would constantly buffer. Starting the video also took a long time.

My diagnostic code is: AYS13

The beta 5.5.4 also has this issue. I submitted a diagnostic report for that as well, and it’s: 8448Z

Same problem here, submitted diagnostics via email.

Now i submitted it too. I hope they will fix it with next release that 3D mkv will play nice in 2D like 5.5.1…

Thanks for the info. We’ll look into what’s going on here.

It seems to be ATV related, as it works on my iPad Pro 10.5 without problems (version 5.5.3).

Still the same with 5.5.4 :frowning:

FYI, this should be resolved in 5.6.3.

Sorry for the delay.