mkv 10bit h264 support? embedded subtitle style support?

interested in your player but just had a couple questions.  does Infuse support the recent Hi10 bit h264 MKV format that alot of anime uses? if not, is it planned for the futre? second question is does your player support embedded subtitle styles, including font and color, etc or does it use a universal generic subtitle font/style for all content?  thanks

Unfortunately Hi10 is not currently supported, sorry.

Infuse will support embedded as well as external subtitles. If your embedded subtitles have styles and/or colors specified, they will be displayed as-is. Other more generic embedded subtitles types will have a full set of color, size, weight adjustment options available.

Hope this helps.

so I just bought your app and tried it with an mkv 720p h264 anime episode. it detected it as 1280x720 and AAC audio, but when i tap play, it the elapsed time just says “0:00” and keeps blinking like the playback is continously restarting.  This file plays on other players i’ve tried on the ipad.  I can provide a link to the file if you would like to try it for troubleshooting purposes. I’m bummed cuz the app looks beautiful :confused:

Hmm, sorry about that. We’ve had one other similar report that we’re currently looking into. It seems to be file specific, so if you want to PM me a few more details about the file it may help in tracking down the cause.

This also happened to me on a 10-bit file (the 0:00 and blinking behaviour), but I assumed (correctly, it seems) that 10-bit isn’t supported. Not surprising, since the underlying hardware doesn’t either :slight_smile:

Will the next (or a future) version support 10bit h264?

It’s unlikely, as the iPad/iPhone hardware is not setup to handle High-10 content.

But with the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 likely coming out this fall…who knows.

Good news!

We’ve addd a huge performance boost for Hi10P video that will be available in the next update.

That would imply software decoding, right? With a big corresponding hit to battery life? Or does the A8 support 10-bit decoding in hardware?

This new addition would actually use HW decoding, which would be available on A7 and later devices (iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, and iPad Air).

iOS 8 would also be required.