Mixing Movies & TV Series in same Sub-Folder

I have had this question for a while, but am afraid to move that many files around to find out on my own. My question:

Is it possible to mix movie files and tv series/episodes under the same sub-folder? I would like to be able to create a “Documentary” folder, and place all documentary films & documentary (tv) series under that single folder. I would also be using this new folder as a Favorite for Infuse. My main folders are currently setup like this:

VIDEOS/Movies/(all movie sub-folders & files)…
VIDEOS/TV Shows/(all tv series sub-folders & files)…

However, I would like to have something like this:

VIDEOS/Movies/(All of my feature Films)…
VIDEOS/TV Shows/(All of my TV Dramas, Sitcoms, Animation)…
VIDEOS/Documentary/(All Documentary films & Documentary Series)…

Is this a possibility? Or would mixing files from movies & tv shows mess up Infuse Pro’s library view? I want to make sure that (for the most part) Infuse would fetch all of the correct metadata, and I would not have to manually edit every single file. I can live with manually correcting a handful, but I have over 300 documentaries.

When using the Library it won’t really matter how your folders are organized. You can have a few episodes from a season in one folder, and a few other in a totally separate folder. Infuse will recognize the actual files, and still group them all together automatically. Same applies to movies and documentaries.

Great!! So does this also apply when using Infuse Pro 5 for iOS? Obviously there is no Library View yet, but would I still be able to mix some movies & tv in a folder without it having a negative effect on Metadata Fetching?

Can I extend this question a little further and ask if I can just nominate the parent folder ie. Videos in the library. The videos folder will in its mix contain ISO/DVD or mkvs for movies and tv shows as seasons.
So I dont really need to worry much about organisation of content whether by format or by type ?

Yes, when using the Library on Apple TV you can have files organized in one big folder, 100 sub folders, or any combination you like. Adding the root folder (that contains any subfolders) is all that’s needed. Infuse will scan and sort through everything automatically, and display everything in a nice clean structure.

With regard to iOS, currently the structure will be determined by your folder layout, but this will be greatly improved to be similar to what we have on Apple TV once we release our Library update later this year.

Thanks James, thats a good feature. Is there a depth level limitation of subfolders that I should know eg. Root folder → Level 1 Subfolder —>Level 100 Subfolder.

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