Missing Videos on Homepage

I have a folder set up which contains all of my home movies.

All of the movies are synced and appear correctly on the top shelf, and when I click on ‘See All’ above my Home Movies pinned item row on the Infuse homepage.

However the row itself is missing several movies, around 25% of them in total.

Any ideas why this is?

How many exactly are showing and how many total do you have?

39 in total, 30 are showing on the row.

I’m pretty sure that 30 is the limit for items on lists on the home page. Just like the recently added list shows either 30 movies or 30 TV Shows.

It’s more that the missing videos are random, so not just the 9 oldest.

It isn’t a big deal, as the videos display elsewhere, it just struck me as odd.

What do you have set for your “Sort Order” in settings?

Do the ones that don’t show change every time you view it or are they constantly the same 9?

I’m set to sort by date.

It’s always the same videos.

It may be looking at the Created/Modified date of the file so that may give you a clue as to the logic.

Yeah, I’ve checked all those and they’re fine.

As I say, the videos are showing up, and in the correct order when I open my Home Movies folder fully. It’s only the row on the homepage that doesn’t see some of them.

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