Missing TV-Shows Button in Favorites


How do I get this? Screenshot is from FireCore Support Documents, but I don’t have this. I only have library, movies and Jellyfin.

Infuse is connected to a jellyfin server and it recognized all my 660 movies and 7400 TV Episodes, I can find and play them all on AppleTV (TVos17) and they are correctly shown under movies and TV Series if I add those to the Homescreen but I’m missing this TV Shows Button in the favorites menu.

Infuse Addon is installed. Is there any specific name that I have to give the library in Jellyfin? How does Infuse recognize the conditions for those favorites buttons? It has recognized movies so what is wrong with TV Series??
Any way to make this thing visible?!

Go to Library > TV Shows > Long press on All TV Shows and select add to favorites.

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Thank you so much!! I somehow never thought about holding it … Appreciate the help, now I can buy lifetime, because this was the only thing that bothered me and now the app is perfect!

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Enjoy! :+1:

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