missing thumbnails for some Plex content

I’m using Plex a a DVR running on my Synology NAS and stream the content to my Apple TV (4th gen) for watching. I’ve started using Infuse because my NAS isn’t powerful enough to show my content properly. When using the Apple TV Plex app, the transcoding is done on my NAS and this is problematic since all my content is interlaced and my Apple TV requires progressive input. De-interlacing cannot be done using hardware transcoding and instead the transcoding is done by software which is too slow on my NAS.

Anyway, I noticed when browsing the recorded programmes on the Apple TV Infuse app that many programmes don’t show the thumbnail. The thumbnails are there for all programmes in Plex though. BTW, the same is happening using the Infuse iOS app - see attached.

I’m not sure where Infuse gets the metadata from as sometimes I also noticed that the descriptions are different for movies when I compare Plex and Infuse.

I’ve played with changing settings like embedded metadata, local metadata, file management but none make any difference. Not sure what exactly these options do as I can’t find any explanation in the user guide Infuse – Firecore.

Do these images appear correctly if you browse through the Library?

You can access the Library from the home screen, as well as through the Browse/Search screen on iOS.

No - they are missing in the library as well.

I’ve attached how the thumbnails of the same library look in Plex.

What are you seeing if you navigate to Browse (tap search icon in lower nav bar) > All TV Shows?

Same issue, i.e I see the same missing thumbnails.

This is what I see in Apple TV in my TV folder when using local metadata (img_3433.jpg) or not (img_3434.jpg).

What’s most annoying is that I can’t even tell what programme it is unless I select a blank folder.

I think I figured out partially what the issue is. All programmes where the thumbnails are missing are programmes which don’t have any images available on TheTVDB. I had added some posters manually in Plex for these. But I only added them on the programme level. Plex automatically uses the programme poster for the season poster. But Infuse doesn’t do that. This at least explains why in Infuse when viewing the library I don’t see the thumbnails because there Infuse shows seasons. Still doesn’t explain though why Infuse doesn’t show the thumbnails when viewing the TV folder as there it shows the programmes.

BTW, what does the setting “Embedded Metadata” actually do?

Thanks for the info.

We are working towards better support of manual metadata in Plex, and plan to have a number of improvements available in this area coming in 5.7.3.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

What does the setting “Embedded Metadata” actually do?

With Embedded Metadata enabled, Infuse will first look for metadata and artwork contained inside your videos before fetching info from the online databases. However, this setting has no effect when streaming from Plex since Infuse is pulling all metadata from Plex as opposed to fetching it directly from TMDb/TheTVDb.

Thanks - I did indeed not see any difference when toggling this setting :slight_smile:

So if all data comes from Plex, then switching between local or remote metadata (press and hold on the TV folder, for example) is pointless as well, right?