Missing Tabs

I’ve loved the Firecore software, and have become a good user of NitoTV plugins; but today experienced an issue that was new and has me stumped.


After installing a MainMenu Slideshow plugin, I’ve lost all my OverFlow settings.  I’ve also completely lost my custom screensaver and weather settings that were located in the Apple TV Settings Tab.

Worst of all, I’ve lost my Maintenance tab completely.  The appleTV logo has reappeared in the lower right corner, but the unit is still playing my media, and XMBC.  Is there a solution to fix this?

I’ve tried just reinstalling my ATV Flash software, but keep getting an error on install.



just experienced the same thing. did you find any solution? i lost maintenance too

“Maintenance” and “XBMC” disappeared for me too. This was after running SSH and apt-get update && apt-get on the 27th.