Missing sound on replays

I use Channels or PLEX to record programs. I was sampling INFUSE 5 and noticed the sound disappeared on the playback. It wasn’t consistent when it occurred. It was there and then it stopped. Rewinding the program and the sound would be there on the missing sections but disappear again later in the program.

Playback with Channels was clean all the way through so the recording was fine. I think this happened with PLEX as well but I didn’t test it as deeply.

What is this issue? Is it just me or is this something others have encountered?

If you have a chance to send in a sample file we could review here we’d be happy to look into this.


I uploaded a file that exhibited the audio drops. Thank you. I really want to get INFUSE to work well.

I have checked this on other programs recorded by Channels DVR and INFUSE 5 works well. It is only on one file that I find dropped audio. It does not occur when using Channels App to play the program, just INFUSE. Just one file out of 13. Curious.