Missing set position, tvOS 15 native protocols, Home Assistant

I don’t know if earlier versions of tvOSes support it.

As part of the native DMAP or MRP protocol, tvOS can be controlled using a remote client (e.g., home assistant). A set position command can be issued to set the playing position of the current media in the timeline. This works perfectly in apple tv app.

This doesn’t work in infuse (It has no effect). Did infuse implement the call? Or is this related to tvOS 15?

  1. The timeline of a media in infuse cannot be controlled using home assistant.
  2. I implemented my own version of watch together to sync my plex client and my other apple tv players using plexwebsocket and pyatv. However, I have no idea how to set the timeline position in infuse remotely. (watch party)

I hope this could be addressed soon. It seems to be a small function to implement and I don’t know why it’s missing right now.

As a last resort, I might have to use the “skip” control n times until it seeks to the desired position…