Missing or incorrect movie artwork

Hi All -

We are aware of an issue with movie artwork which is affecting some users.

The Problem
This issue can cause missing or strange artwork for some movie titles.

Why is this happening?
TMDb (the site Infuse uses for movie info and artwork) recently went through a major site update, and as part of general housekeeping some older, outdated images were removed. This means if Infuse had poster xyz.jpg stored for a title in your library and that poster had been removed from TMDb, then Infuse would not be able to obtain that particular poster.

The solution
The way to resolve this is to use the Edit option on the affected title. Doing this will refresh the metadata and search for an updated poster, so instead of poster xyz.jpg Infuse would now use poster abc.jpg. If you have a library where more than a handful of titles were affected you can use the Clear All Metadata option found in Settings, and Infuse will get the latest posters for your entire library all at once. This process is entirely automatic, and in most cases will only take a few minutes. Things like watched history and playback progress will not be affected.

The future
We’ll soon be introducing a new option to sync artwork to iCloud, which will help avoid issues like this in the future.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but appreciate your patience and understanding.