Missing option under Maintenance -> Install extras

I have upgraded my Apple TV to the latest version of aTV Flash. I am trying to install Crystal HD, but when I go to Maintenance-Install Extras, the option to install the drivers just isn’t there. Everything else is there, just not this option.

I have the card installed, and I know it works because I had linux on this apple TV before, and I had the card working with one of the early SVNs of xbmc.

Anyone has any idea of what I should try? Everything else works correctly with atv Flash. I have the latest version of the xbmc loader, Nito, etc. I have installed other extras correctly too.

Where is the missing extra?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.


ps: I have posted this question in the using xbmc forum, but I think this forum is more relevant. Apologies for this.

Follow this and let us know where it breaks.

HowTo Broadcom Crystal HD AppleTV install:

  1. Ensure you are running the latest XBMC/Boxee Launcher (update through Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu).
  2. Download the latest XBMC svn build (i.e. SVN:27831 built on Feb 15 2010 or newer) through the XBMC/Boxee --> Downloads menu.
  3. Download the Crystal HD drivers through Maintenance --> Install Extras
  4. Run Smart Installer (if not already done)
  5. Navigate to nitoTV --> Settings --> Utilities --> Kernel Extension Manager. Highlight the BroadcomCrystalHD.kext, press the right arrow and select ‘add to rc.local’.
  6. Restart the AppleTV, launch XBMC and change the following setings in XBM under System --> Video --> Playback
    a) --> Render Method. Change “Auto” to “Broadcom Crystal HD”.
    b) --> Use Pixelbuffer Objects. Turn “on”.
    c) --> Adjust Display Refresh Rate to match Video. Turn “on”.
    d) --> SyncPlayback to Display. Turn “on”.
    e) --> A/V Sync Method: "Audio Clock"or “Drop Dupe”
  7. Enjoy 1080p playback.

Hi odinb,
thanks for your reply.

Step 1 - completed
Step 2 - completed (SVN r28256)
Step 3 - This is where the problem is. Maintenance --> Install Extras doesn’t give me the option to install Crystal HD drivers. These are the items it shows: Flipmac WMV, Adobe Flash, QuickTime Web Plugin, Mobile air mouse, Hotspot Shield, Mozilla Firefox, Google Earth, VLC Media Player.

I am using atv Flash v4.0.6 (confirmed by checking Maintenance --> About)

Thanks for your help


Hmmm, strange…

Try redoing your USB stick from the aTV app, making sure all necessary items are ticked, and reinstall aTV.

It sounds like you are running an older version (pre 3.0) of AppleTV software. CrystalHD is currently only available on the 3.0+ AppleTV versions.

Yes, that’s it. I was running Apple tv 2

I updated to latest version and Crystal HD is there now.

Brilliant! Many thanks for your help


I break on the 6th step. When i go to Render Method “Broadcom Crystal HD” is not available. What am i doing wrong?

If the Broadcom card is not appearing as an option 1 of 2 things may be wrong.

  1. Card not installed properly (ensure card is secured properly).
  2. Drivers not installed properly (re-run steps 1-5).

Still no go = ( You think the Crystal HD card might be bad?

Still no go = ( You think the Crystal HD card might be bad?[/quote]
It’s possible. You may want to ensure the SVN version of XBMC is installed (available through XBMC/Boxee --> Downloads menu). The standard version of XBMC will not display the crystalhd card as a ‘render option’.