Missing NitoTV

Hello to everyone,

I’ve just install my ATV software on my AppleTV. Everything OK, but I don’t have the full menu.
I’ve got only Internet, DVD, Jaman and XBMC/Boxee
I have seen a short clip on YouTube with someone installing this software and in the menu it was NitoTV, that I don’t have it.
When I installed the program I chacked the box with NitoTV but nothing appeared at the end.
What can I do to be able to access AVI files?
This was the main reason for me to buy this product, and now I’m a bit disappointed…

Waiting for your answer…

Thank you,

In versions of NitoTV 0.60 and earlier it is called “DVD” on the AppleTV’s menu (at least back to 0.57 anyways…). If you goto DVD → setup → install → update Nito, you can update to 0.61 and it calls itself Nito again.

Good advice… I’ve done it and it worked, but I still don’t know how to play an AVI file on AppleTV
If I click on files or recent files I can hear that sound that is not ok, and nothing happens

Waiting for help again