Missing new files over NFS (AppleTV and iOS)

My nfs share is exported like this:

When moving a new file to the share it doesn’t show up in Infuse, I need to restart Infuse to make it appear.

My folders are like this:
/media/example/movies → just video files, no subfolders
/media/example/tv → mixed video files and subfolders (with video files again).

Is there any way to force reload a share? Even better: could I trigger this from the share itself (and not within Infuse)?

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On both the ATV and iOS device have you tried going to Settings > Library > and click Scan For Changes?

There isn’t a way to have the share trigger a rescan but Infuse does check often for updates when the Apple OS allows it to.

Edit to add, on the ATV in the upper right hand corner of the screen there’s a circular arrow icon that you can click on to do a rescan too. I think it’s the same for iOS too.

Just had the problem again and the rescan didn’t help on the ATV. The file is still missing. It did show up after about 5 minutes this time, but that is not always the case.

At the same time it did load instantly after opening the app on iOS (same nfs share); even after being displayed on iOS it didn’t appear on ATV.

When you go into settings and library then click on the scan for changes there should be some status messages on the left hand side of the screen. Is it scanning the share that has the new file on it? Does it go to “Last Updated…” message after it scans and then syncs to iCloud? Letting it sync to iCloud usually gives it enough time to recognize the new files in the shares. You can’t see the status messages or the icloud sync on the home page.

Also, something else that may help, on the ATV settings there is a section for background syncing. In that section there is a list of apps that can use this and if they are allowed. I turned off everything BUT Infuse and often my changes are recognized when I launch Infuse or shortly there after with this setting.

I’ve hardly ever seen a file appear on the ATV immediately after adding it unless I did a scan first.

I tried everything with updating the library, even changed all those background update settings in every direction. The only thing which reliably helps is force quitting Infuse and restarting it.