Missing movies

Most of my movies are on NAS and infuse for Apple TV sees only a few of them (most are in mp4) whereas the iPhone and iPad counterparts perfectly list all of them
Any idea ?
Thanks for any help

Sounds like you may not have all the shares added to your ATV that you have on the iOS devices. If you’re connected via DLNA then it may be you’re only seeing the files in the public folder. If this is the case I’d suggest you create an SMB share and log in to your NAS from the ATV.

Actually, on both AppleTV and iOS devices, I just added a shared network. I don’t specify SMB or any other protocol.
My NAS appears as such on my Mac, my devices. It sees all folders in the Public shares, no login required.
But the Apple TV sees only about 1/3 of all files only. So I have to take my iPhone and stream to the AppleTV. Not very convenient.

When you added the share what protocol did it show? The ATV portion of this users guide may help Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

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I have to check deeper but it looks like it works now.
Problem is that it appears as a Mac share using UnPN/DLNA (something like that), not SMB.
Suppressing the share and creating it back seemed to have fixed the problem :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your help.

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