Missing Movies in Media Player

Hey guys,

First off, I would like to thank team firecore and others for their continued great work on the aTV Flash and seasonpass.

Today i updated my black aTV from the beta to the new aTV flash 1.3.  I love the fact that the meta-data correctly identifies the movies with the update as in the past i had wrong art and info coming up, luckily i knew which movies they were.

I have my system set up using my apple airport extreme with a harddrive as a NAS. after the update i seem to be missing about 10-15 movies. All the movies on my hard-drive were ripped using handbrake.  The files are all .m4v files and all of them work and used to show up in the system before i did the update to 1.3.  XBMC was able to still see them, but i prefer the media player. Does anyone have any clues as to why 10 of my 125 movies are missing or not being read?

any help would be appreciated.  I tried seeing if anyone else was having the same issue, but i did not ind anything.

Warm Regards,