Missing movies in library

I realize that many threads have been posted on this particular issue, but scouting through the forums I am yet to find the issue of missing movies resolved.
I have successfully added two shares to my library: a folder containing tv-shows and a folder containing movies, both located on an external hard drive.

In the Library Settings menu, the Media Player can find 135 movies (which corresponds to my actual number of movies on the hard drive), but when opening the library, only about 70 of those are shown (according to a quick count). If I use the search function or enter my shares via the My Files menu, I can easily find the missing movies, and if I re-fetch the metadata for each of the missing movies, they’ll show up in the library (ruling out the ‘wrong filetype’-question), but obviously this is far from ideal, considering I’d have to do this for about 60 movies.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve had something similar before, my solution was to fix the naming convention of the movies.

eg Movie.Name.Year.avi instead of Movie Name.avi

The reason why I added the year was because I was getting the wrong artwork for some movies.


Thanks for the reply.

That might do the trick, but I’d still have to do this for a high number of movies. It would be so much easier if the Media Player used the parent folder title when fetching metadata. At least, they could add that option so that users could choose between file name and folder name in the metadata settings… 


My movies are organized like this:

/Movies/Movie Name (Year)/filename.ext

It seems that the Media Player is designed for movie folders organized like this instead:




I’d like to see support for both ways of organizing one’s movies :slight_smile: