Missing movie cover art/metadata

I’ve searched the boards and have found threads for similar issues, but none had exactly the answer I was searching for, so forgive me if this question is asked frequently.

I have a lot of movies on my external HD and use Infuse to play them. A couple dozen of my 100+ movies are missing cover art and appear at the top of my movie list. All of these folders that are missing images also contains multiple files… the actual movie file and special features, for example. In most cases, I just have all the files in the movie directory but I have tried moving the special features to an “Extras” subfolder but it did not change anything. I found that I can resolve the missing image problem by adding an image file (folder.jpg) to the folder, however, this does not resolve the sorting issue; the movie still appears amongst the missing cover art movies (i.e. Beauty and the Beast in the attached screenshot). So, how can I resolve the sorting issue for these movies? Obviously, my goal would be for these movies to be treated like the rest. This issue occurs on both my iPhone and ATV.

Since there is no official support for special features in Infuse, I tend to follow Plex’s naming convention for special features. Which brings me to a 2nd, although less important question… On files I’ve named “deleted scenes” that contain, well, deleted scenes, Infuse instead loads the cover art for what appears to be a soft-core gay porn. So, anyway way to fix this?

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the trouble.

Infuse doesn’t yet support extras like deleted scenes, but this is something we’re hoping to look at for a future update. Also, it looks like that particular ‘deleted scenes’ movie wasn’t flagged correctly as adult at the TMDb (I took the liberty of correcting this). In general, Infuse won’t fetch info for adult titles.

In your case, I’d recommend using the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option to wipe out any cached info that is currently present and allow Infuse to repopulate info for your items. Also, it may make the most sense to use the Library option for browsing files as Infuse will list the movies it matches, and then place any other unmatched videos (IE deleted scenes) into the ‘Other’ category so as not to clutter up your browsing experience.