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Hi guys, I’m using infuse 6 pro an I’m very happy with it, but I can’t find the Metadata for the film James bond casino royale, can someone explain to me how I could get it? Thanks for the help

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First, what is the exact filename of the movie? It should be something like “Casino Royale 1954.mkv” (it doesn’t matter if more comes between the release year and the period before the extension) Note, there are at least 3 releases of Casino Royale, one in 1954, one in 1967, and one in 2006 and you have to specify which one.

Second how are you connected to the share the movie is on, SMB, Plex, DLNA, etc?

Thanks for the fast answer! The file name is “2006 James bond casino royale”. I have the file on my PC as every other file, and it’s connected with dlna. PC is ON 24/7, I’m searching for a good Nas actually but didn’t find what to buy… Even if I search for the Metadata manually, it doesn’t show anything…

PS, I’m from France so I don’t know if it has something to do with my problem…

DLNA can really play games with Infuse since it can change the file names that Infuse sees and really causes issues at times.

You may want to try switching over to a SMB connection if your pc supports it and the movie file names really should be like the example I gave above to follow the naming requirements of Infuse. You can see these formats here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Try “Casino Royale 2006.mkv” ( the extension can be what ever your file really is, I just use MKV since it’s pretty common)

Thanks man, I renamed the file as you told me and everything works fine now!

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