Missing metadata


Using infuse for a few years, and mostly happy.
Running infuse on Apple TV 4K with synology NAS.
Usually no problems with metadata fetching, but there are 2 tv series I have a problem with.
Taboo 2017

Edge of Darkness 1985

Can’t get the metadata, and do not see these entries with the edit function.
Metadata fetching is on

What would you suggest?



Could you provide an example of the exact file names your using for both series?

This thread might help with Taboo Unable to find metadata for Taboo (2017)

Thx for the tip, found Taboo!
Much appreciated

Re Edge of darkness
I’ve deleted the dots from the file name and it did the trick



Its kind of strange how the Edit Metadata function still descends on the file name and won’t allow you to find what you’re looking for and override regardless of file name.

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