missing folders in gridview? but the folders are visible (and playable) in listview.



i just updated my atv2 to AF 1.3 from my macbookpro via wlan. seemed ok to me, no errors, but it took some time, but nothing special…



does anybody experiencing different folderlistings (contents!) while in list- or grid-view?


when i list a (veeeeery long) folder in grid view, i miss some folders which contain videos which occour in list view.

in list view, i see the folders and can press the play button to play the movie inside that folder.

(add1: its an img from a dvd, but i also had this with a normal avi file in a folder.)

(add2: atv2 is connected via cat5 cable to a NAS like the months before)





the foldernames are not starting with “a” or “the” or something, like here: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/6907 i just want to mention that.

the names are simply “doo” and “doo2” which does not appear in the alphabet where i expect them to be :sunglasses: