Missing fast forward controls

I don’t know if the problem is the firmware of Apple TV or infuse. I noticed only in infuse.
Sometimes when I use forward the result is rewind until I go back into menu and play again the movie or tv show.

Hi @james ,

This is not a new issue, but figured I’d report it. On tvOS, if I pause playback and leave it for a while so that the Apple TV goes to sleep, after waking the ATV, the player no longer supports seeking 10 seconds forward and back. The little indicators don’t show up when touching the sides of the remote, and clicking the sides just pauses the playback. Going back to the menu and restarting playback fixes the issue. Would appreciate if you can take a look at this small issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

If this happens again, would you mind sending in a report from Infuse (and posting the code here) so we can see if there are any clues in the logs?

Thank you very much.

Infuse 7.3 is now available and should resolve this issue.

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