Missing data / image

I noticed that when a new film comes in my Plex library it appears a few seconds after in Infuse in the “Recently added” section as expected but when I select the film there is no background image, only a black screen. Refreshing the metadata on the film doesn’t help.
If I remove the film from the Plex library and put it back then this time all the data are available in Infuse (especially the background image when you select the film).
Not sure I had this behaviour before.

TV OS : 17.5.1
Infuse 7.7.7

There is actually an easy way to reproduce this :

  • Add a new file to the Plex library : The file is detected by Plex and appear in Infuse with all metadata (and the background image)
  • Rename the file : the change is detected by Plex which remove then add a new entry. On Infuse side this is where I lose the background image. When I select the film I do see that the name of the file has changed but I have now a black screen as background. Metadata refresh doesn’t change anything.
  • Remove the file from the Plex library and add it again (while keeping the new name) and everything is fine.