Missing "Custom Sttings" - unable to use BTstack with Apple Wireless Keyboard

Today I got me an ATV2 and an AppleWireless Keyboard. I jailbroke the ATV with Seas0nPass and installed aTV Flash In  order to get my kb connected I installed BTStack (0.4-1572), BTLoader (1.0.1-1) and BTStack Keyboard for ATV (1.0.1-1) via NitoTV.

Unfortunately, after reboot, there is no entry “Custum Settings” in “Settings” so that I cannot pair kb and ATV. I reset ATV to factory settings, jailbroke, installed aTV Flash, BTStack etc, several times - no result! “Custom Settings” keeps missing …

Any ideas what the reason may be?

Here my environment:

  • aTV 2nd generation
  • model MC572SO/A
  • serial number C7RGXWJHDDR5
  • aTV software 5.0 (4099)

As I am right now - let´s say - a lil sad I would be very thankful for any help.



I suspect that BTStack needs updating for the 5.0 firmware.

Good morning, community!

Does anybody know whteher there is already an update for aTV software 5.0 and where to get it? Is there any other solution, a workaround perhaps?

Thank you in advance.



You can use the steps here to pair your keyboard from the command line:

If you already have the packages install you can skip that step.

Do you maybe know how I cam change the keyboard layout?