Missing content from Jellyfin

I have to admit it does not work for me sadly. Series are corrected listed but not movies. I emptied infuse cache, recreated the connection, in library mode with the custom home screen. I use Jellyfin 10.9.3
In regular mode I see all movies and series.
Edit: actually, some series custom categories in the home screen are not displayed like mini series.
Edit 2: in Infuse, when I scroll my movies in the Jellyfin share shortcut, quickly I get an error with a screen “Empty folder, there’s nothing to see here”, it does not happen in the series section.

Are you using Library Mode or Direct Mode?

Are you using the latest version of Infuse (7.7.7)?

Are the items visible if you browse the Jellyfin server (via the main Jellyfin icon found under Files, or purple icon on Apple TV)?

Do you have multiple users set up on the Jellfyin server? Does the user you are using in Infuse have access to the Jellyfin library which holds your movies?

I’m experiencing the same problem.

I’m using Infuse 7.7.7 on Apple TV and iPad on Library mode.
I’m using Jellyfin 10.9.4 with InfuseSync 1.5.0. But I have this problem for some time (at least since Jellyfin 10.9.1 or 2 or 3 and since Infuse 7.7.6)

Some new movies from my Jellfin library show do not show up, some do. I’m not seeing a pattern yet between the ones that do not show up.

In direct mode the missing movies do show up. When I click on the purple Jellyfin icon when library mode is enabled and I click on the movies folder, I get: “Empty Folder, move along, nothing to see here”. This is not the case for the other folders (Collections, Shows, …)

Hope this feedback is helpful, I can check other things if needed.

Hello all… It was hard to debug because after the publication of the new version of Jellyfin, several things broke. Here are my fixes to make it work in library mode, and everything works well now, FYI I use Docker on a Synology NAS:

Hope it will help.


Setting the DOTNET_SYSTEM_GLOBALIZATION_INVARIANT env to 0, doing a normal ‘Scan all libraries’ in Jellyfin, disable/enable my movie library in Infuse did the trick for me, thanks! :slight_smile: