Missing collection poster

For one of my collections, Infuse is unable to find a poster. In the cases where a poster is unavailable for a collection, could the poster from one of the movies be used instead ? It would certainly look nicer than a blank poster.

What collection?


I’ve uploaded one to TMDB for you. I suspect it may take between 24-48 hours for it to appear in the Infuse metadata scrape.


Thanks for that! I looked around but my google fu was weak and I couldn’t find a thing and my artistic skills are limited to the number of crayons left in the box and if the picture has numbers.

This is why “community supported” sources work well. :+1:

The new poster looks good. Thank you guys for your help!

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@yatesfox did well on that one!

As to your original suggestion about using one of the movies as a collection poster, that seems to me to be a confusion factor when looking for multiple movies.

You can join TMDB and as long as you follow their requirements in their contributors “bible” you can add new artwork for TV shows, movies, and collections on the website and then everyone can benefit!

I moved this thread to the metadata & artwork section instead of suggestions but you may want to add your support by liking the first post on this suggestion for custom collections.

I would expect that if we get custom collections that adding custom art would be part of if. :wink:

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