Missing collection items on Home Screen

I tried to pin a collection to favourites. First one worked. The second one only shows 3 titles, even though the collection shows more. Took picture to show where collections shows 27 videos in collection. Took picture to show when collection Is opened the titles are there. Then a picture to show when I opened there are only 3 titles.

I said favourites above but I ment the Home Screen on my atv4k.

Just out of curiosity, how many total episodes do you have in those first three series that show?

I’m going to guess about 30 total. That’s the limit for Movies on the home page under recently added and it just got changed from 30 episodes total to 30 TV series on the recently added TV shows so I’m guessing this is a hold over on total items that can be displayed.

Just a guess.

That wasn’t a lucky guess. I’ve added more than 30.
The only one that causes this is the custom collection. Didn’t mention it earlier as I just figured this out. As the collection title shows it is a collection of tv shows, not movies. It gave me the option to pin to Home Screen, so I was expecting it to work.

I understand you’ve added more than 30 but I was wondering when you look inside the three series that are being displayed, how many total episodes.

I was wondering if the first 10 series you added to your TV custom collection had happened to have only 3 episodes each, would Infuse have shown the first 10 series? (even if you had added 50 series total) :wink:

Hmm, I don’t think this is expected.

Is this affecting other collections?

Does changing the order of the items in the collection make any difference to what appears on the Home Screen?

An example is the Bat Masterson series, season 1 is 37 episodes, season 2 is 37 episodes, Season 3 is 34 episodes. Total is over 100.

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Thanks for checking that. :+1: One question that may be totally off in left field but is there any reason you went with a custom collection instead of pinning the “Western” genre in the Library for TV shows?

After further testing, it’s only my custom collections that have this issue.
I deleted my TV Western collection and rebuilt it, then it showed more titles.
I did this using my favourites folders and then repeated using the infuse tv shows folder. Different results from each attempts. You would think the results would be the same.
Collections show the same results after each test.
When I pin them to Home Screen the result’s are different.

The genre search is useless as not all results are westerns. I’ve tried that, since infuse doesn’t use Smart Folders/collections, I thought I’d try custom collections.

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Update on my testing, it takes a lot of time, don’t know how you guys do it.
Any way, I noticed in my sample picture that Rawhide says 6 seasons, but I have 8. Started checking all seasons and noticed some were incorrect. I removed the titles with the wrong number of seasons, and guess what, it (collection) works.
So my problem is in the season totals.

Notice that some of the titles don’t show any seasons. These were causing my issues with the pinning tv western collection to Home Screen.
Noticed that Rawhide ( top right corner) shows 8 seasons while the custom collection showed 6.
Now I’ve got to figure why infuse does this.

Instead of pinning genre, I created a favourite which did the job.

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I’ve tried removing and recreating favourite folders to see why some folders don’t show the number of seasons of a series.
They show in the default tv folder but some don’t all show in my favourites.
This happens on both the atv4k and iPad infuse.
If infuse can detect then in one place, why not all places?