Missing audio files

ATV2G with Flash Back can’t find any audio files in shared folders or in shared server. It can find and open video and photo files but missing audio. Why is it so? 

If by audio you mean mp3 files, then playing these is not yet supported by Media Player (you CAN play them via XBMC).  There may also be other audio types not currently working iI guess but mp3 is the one I am aware off?  Support is due in a future Media Player update.

Not only mp3 but also m4a, it just writes “There are no items for playback”

Audio files are hidden by design in the current version.

We’re planning to add support for audio files with playlist support soon, but perfecting video file playback has been the main priority thus far.

Stay tuned.  :wink:

Ok! Thanks for you reply. I’ll be waiting)