Missing artwork for some TV series

It looks like there are some issues at TheTVDB which are affecting some series.

TheTVDB will likely have this resolved soon, and we’re working to add some extra error handling in case issues like this pop up again in the future.

Edit: TheTVDB is investigating.


Just an interum update. Just refreshed the metadata for The Handmaids Tale and Live PD: Police Patrol both regained their series posters.

No luck yet on Gintama though.

I’ve put Gintama on their radar over at TVDB so maybe that will help. They are actively working on the issue.

You can follow it at the link that James provided above.

Thanks for the update. Can confirm Handmaid’s Tale artwork is also working on my side now.

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Any luck with Gintama? I’m trying every so often but nothing for me yet.

Just saw an update on TVDB forum where it looks like there are several missing posters. Guess we’ve been pretty lucky. LOL

Still no artwork for Gintama. Thanks for submitting it.

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Just gave it another shot and presto, it’s back. Give it a shot for an edit metadata.

Great, just tried it out and Gintama is working now. Thanks!

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Nooo tvOS no.

I’ve been trying to get it fixed for years, but it’s still the same.

Many chapters are not recognized by infuse.

I recently left a new post because I didn’t get a solution.

I keep changing metadata manually, but with every update of Infuse I have to change usually happens a few times, and sometimes it doesn’t depend on Infuse update.

It was never for you this has happened since Infuse v5 in Infuse v4 I never had any problems.

They would want to introduce the reading of the .nfo file and use the metadata embedded if you do not find them on TvDB or use other ThemovieDatabase also uses series or others there are very good variations.

I updated to 13.4.6 on 5 devices and no impact on Infuse. Everything is working for me.

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